• Vistas Around You

    Perched atop a stone slab underneath a dark, mottled sky, I gaped at the scene around me. From Bethesda Fountain, situated far below and away, bricks swirled in the ground, coming to meet the hefty concrete stairs and walls. The park lamps colored the edges of wet surfaces with a muted silver, their faint glow barely piercing the gloom.

  • Two Rooms

    It’s been a peculiar couple of months, with a host of experiences both familiar and new. In particular, there were two consecutive nights in March which — by proximity — seemed to share a meaning which I have so far been unable to convey to my satisfaction.

  • A Blog, Relaunched

    Back in 2013 I built a personal website using Drupal 7, which housed some of my experiments and thoughts for a time. It was a fun little blog, but in retrospect a CMS was a poor choice for my personal needs.